Wow what a fantastic ESAD Blog Hop we had yesterday, the ladies really outdid themselves don’t you agree.  If you haven’t had the chance to take a look I’d urge you to grab a cuppa and take a wander.

Before I move on to anything else I have a matter I need to clear up from yesterday’s post.  One of the comments I received drew my attention to the fact that I had failed to properly credit a fellow demonstrator for her work.  Lots of hard work and effort goes into creating projects and everyone deserves due credit for their ideas and rightly so.

The cute little tea bag holder I posted yesterday was shown to me recently by a customer of mine (waving to you Cynthia) who learnt it at a class she attended at her local scrapbook store.

I have no idea where they got there “inspiration” but a similar project was recently demo’d at Leadership in the US by Debi Pippen.  You can see here beautiful set of tea bag holders here.  She was much more organised and has cookies in hers too.

I have amended my post from yesterday with credit to Debi (and my friend Cynthia).  I sincerely apologise to anyone who feels aggrieved by my inadvertent lack of credit, it was not intentional.

I will pop by in later with another project for you.

Happy Stamping